Online Fitness Program for Kids

Physical activities and sports mark one of the most crucial components of learning, for children in their primary schooling years. The program comprises of interactive sessions where children will be encouraged and trained to cultivate their passion for various physical activities and sports.

The programmes are further divided to address the needs of different age groups into three brackets.

Our fitness programmes are developed by experts lasting for one hour every day. You can book a demo session to see the session in action. They include a variety of exercises for warm up, individual physical challenges, Yoga, motor skills, dance, aerobics, hand-eye coordination and personal challenges.

For any queries, feel free to reach out to us on (+91) 8179899464

What our kid's parents are saying?

My child is enjoying sessions more and more, each and everyday.
- Tavish's Mom

It's really great of you trainers innovating new exercises with different objects everyday which our kids are enjoying.
- Naisha's Mom

Great efforts from the Grasport team in making all the kids engaged into fitness by having fun.
- Akanksha's Dad

I'm really happy that I got to know about Grasport sessions, seeing my kid enjoying and getting involved I adjusted his other sessions for grasport fitness classes. Thank you
- Harshiv's Mom

My daughter is enjoying alot though a bit lazy coming to these sessions in the beginning of the sessions, she became more active day by day and she is reminding us 2hrs before the session starts.
-Suhava's Mom

The sessions are really great and it is very nice that you have reacted so fast on the feedback of giving homework for the kids. Children are enjoying their daily fitness homework.
- Ruchira's Mom

Grasport's expert trainers

Having a right team is what makes a business successful. Here we bring to you Team Grasport! Grasport is nothing without our trainer's.

Our trainer Kham Seng Phukon is a Triathlete, Swimmer and a sports management professional and participated in 34th National Games, Kerala He is a very active and enthusiastic trainer.

R L Udrishna Deori specializes in Basketball, Cricket and Tennis & has participated 3 times in National Games. She clearly is a students favorite and students just love her sessions. She keeps the sessions very engaging and it works like magic.

Upasana Das is a state level swimmer. She is a Physical Education trainer and also holds a diploma in Indian Classical Dance. She takes aerobics sessions once a week for children and remaining days she will be taking fitness activities.

Amitav Ghosh specialises in Martial Arts, Swimming and Basketball. He is educated in Physical Education, Naturopathy, Yogic Sciences and also holds an advance Diploma in Swimming.

About Grasport

GraSport is a sports management company with a focus on creating Sports and Physical Education accessible to children at a very young age. We partner with Schools to provide Sports & Physical Education Services to children with an Internationally recognised UK Curriculum. We are the pioneers of providing Sports Education along with Physical Education through a user-friendly App, thereby integrating sports & fitness with technology.

At Grasport, we focus on nurturing talent by providing quality facilities to grow in their respective sport. We are committed to align Grassroots Development with Sports Events & Tourism which will create a positive impact on the youth participation in sports. With the blend of these services we are aiming to build a platform for the budding athletes in the country to play the sport at the highest level.

We establish Private academies to concentrate on the professional sports development of an athlete by providing them with all the Infrastructure and necessary services. We also have Corporate &Community Fitness, as a part of our services.