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Community Fitness

There is a need for fitness to be added in everyone’s lifestyle and is especially important to be physically active. With goal to promote fitness and educate maximum people on fitness we have launched community & corporate fitness programs where we provide various programs to people in the community and companies. These programs are designed by national and international trainers from around the world for our clients to achieve their fitness goals. We have immense experience in the fitness industry and our team are well trained nutritional consultants, physiotherapists, sports psychologists, fitness trainers and have managed some of the big private gyms in the country.


Circuit & Strength Training

Sports Development

Zumba & Aqua Zumba


Self Defense & Kickboxing

Nutrition & physiotherapy

Our App Services

  • We provide scheduled sessions and users can book their sessions through our website.
  • Get monthly Fitness Progress Reports for the whole family.
  • We provide all Nutritional information, diet plans and video consultations.
  • Know your trainers better and talk to them on your fitness doubts.

*We provide all these services to our clients at very minimal cost to promote fitness in the country and help them inculcate an active lifestyle.