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Sports & Physical Education is very important for child especially when they are growing up. Our Integrated Sports Education program, partnered with the UK based firm, focuses on the holistic development of a child, where we concentrate on physical and mental wellness. Our programs are designed to impart students with essentials skills like, Leadership, Team work, learning different sports, confidence, facing defeat and maintain humility even in victory.

At GraSport, we understand the needs of a child and are committed to make learning fun and interactive. For the first time in the country We are aligning both academics and sports with a structured curriculum to learn mathematics and literature with our experimental learning methodology. Children can learn Numbers, Additions, subtractions, multiplication, divisions, fractions, literature and many more with our innovative sports curriculum. Now on, play grounds can be used to teach mathematics and literature as well.

We will also be providing a comprehensive and versatile PE tracker tool. We are the first sports management company in India to integrate such technology in sports and physical education. It will comprise of the following features:

  • lesson plans
  • curriculum videos
  • spot assessments
  • videos evidences for children and parents
  • tracking tools
  • analytics and much more


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